Future Star Baseball Academy,

European Draft Series 2021 the Netherlands. (U12, U15, U19).

The European Draft Series 2021 will be held from  the 4th to the 8th of august in the Netherlands. 

Future Star Baseball academy is a baseball academy that runs baseball and softball practices on a daily bases. We teach baseball on all possible levels. From School and business clinics, club support, personal training to our own travel teams that travel trough Europe. Our travel team program has 134 players in the age groups U12 to U18. Due to Covid-19 allot of different tournaments got cancelled in 2020. We hope the scheduled 2021 tournaments will allow us to play international baseball.

All these players play for regular Clubs in the Netherlands and Future Star baseball academy provides them extra opportunities to experience international play besides playing in the Dutch competition.

We are very positive that this year we will play more baseball than in 2020. Future Star is always looking for opportunities to play the sport we love.  The European Draft Series came to life since we also want foreign player to experience playing  baseball international and meet foreign ball players more often.

European Draft Series is a similar tournament as the well known BATC tournament. Future Star coaching was also helping out at this great tournament for 3 years. With the EDS we want to keep this alive since the BATC has decided to quit after 7 successful years. The European Draft Series brings this back to life in a slightly different setup but with the same or even more energy and fun.

Tournament Setup for the Players:

The European Draft Series

  • U12 Single A (Aluminum)
  • U15 Double A (Wood)
  • U19 (wood) Triple AAA (Wood)
  • Each category has a 14 player roster for 6 teams.

Each team will play at least 7 games in 5 days.  Top coaches and players out off whole Europe

  • Play with international players and learn from different coaches
  • Tournament team Jerseys with player name and cap

How to register:

Register opens January 17th, Register on our website by the register form (Orange button AANMELDEN) 

  • Send us your baseball motivation video and skills video ( futurestar.tremus@gmail.com)
  • Register  before the 20th of March
  • We will announce the European Draft Series 2021 Rosters 4th of April

The kids need to play more games than last year and with the European Draft Series we provide one of the solutions.  We also want to see all Future Stars shine Europe has to offer.

Future Star Baseball Academy

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